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X27 Thermal Rifle Scope Clip On Model

The X27 Clip On Thermal Weapon Sight is a revolutionary rifle sighting tool developed for the US MIlitary that we've made available to the public for thermal scope hunting. An advanced optical design is precision engineered to allow the X27 thermal scope to be placed on the rifle IN FRONT of your standard daytime optic. This means that one rifle can be both a day and night time weapon platform without the need to re-zero. The X27 can also be used as a stand alone thermal weapon sight or as a handheld thermal spotting scope. Standard video output lets you monitor the hunt or record to standard NTSC video recording devices for later review. The X27 represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a genuine Military thermal sighting system.

Supply is extremely limited on the X27 so call today to get yours before they are all gone and there is no thermal scope hunting in your foreseeable future!

What's so Awesome About the X27 Thermal Rifle Scope Clip On Model?

There are so many great things about the X27 thermal rifle scope clip on model. You can use it mounted on your rifle or hand held. You can clip it on inline with your standard day scope to turn it into a night vision rifle scope, or use it by itself for straight up thermal scope hunting day or night. It takes standard CR 123 batteries, so you can get them just about anywhere. It also has nice big tactile buttons and a quick release mount, so if you are operating in the field, wearing gloves or have lunchbox sized hands, you’ll be able to get the job done without sacrificing situational awareness. Did I happen to metion this bad boy is both shock resistant (thanks to its mil-spec rugged housing) and waterproof, too? And not only is the unit itself waterproof, so is the external video output.

Battries for the X27 Thermal Rifle Scope
X27 Thermal Rifle Scope HUGE Buttons
The X27 Thermal Rifle Scope is WATERPROOF
X27 thermal scope hunting with Trijicon day scope
An infrared image of a man using the x27 for thermal scope hunting

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The X27 thermal scope complete kit