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X26 FLIR Low Priced Thermal Rifle Scope for Hog Hunting

The X26 Thermal Rifle Scope is the newest thermal weapon sight available that incorporates the latest in advanced weapon sighting technologies. Designed to perform in the most demanding of applications- including military operations, law enforcement scenarios and extreme hog hunting - the X26 Thermal Weapon Sight is the targeting tool of choice for professionals and thermal hunters nationwide.

About the X26 FLIR Thermal Rifle Scope for Hunting

The X26 FLIR thermal rifle scope for hunting is extremely versatile. It can be used day or night, weapon mounted or hand held. Many times scopes have features that give away positions in the darkness but that is not the case with this thermal imaging system. The X26 FLIR rifle scope is specially made for combat. Its sensors detect when its not in use and automatically turn the scope off to maintain covert position. As soon as you put it back to your eye, the scope turns on again. Now talk about OPSEC! This scope is the prefect scope for any tactical situation.

The dipoter is also fully adjustable, which makes if perfect for anyone, not matter who is using it. The buttons are big enough to press without looking and with your favorite gloves on, so it's perfectly field ready and easy to use. You never have to fumble around clumsily, this thermal rifle scope was made for any operator or hog hunter to use without having to sweat the small stuff.

Some Closeup X26 FLIR Rifle Scope Images

The X26 FLIR rifle scope is light safe
lens cap for the X26 thermal rifle scope for hunting
video out connector on the x26 FLIR rifle scope for hunting