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T14X Low Priced Thermal Scope

The T14X is not like the other thermal scopes for sale out there today. It’s both real time and low cost, you simply can’t beat a deal like this! This FLIR system is so versatile, you can use it hand held, head mounted or mounted directly on your favorite AR15 or M4 with its quick release ARMS #17 picatinny rail mount. It features a full color display with a 60hz real time refresh rate, so you know you’ll be quick enough to hunt those pesky hogs at any time of day or night.

It comes with a rubber eyecup, 3 selectable reticles and 8 color and black and white imaging palettes, so it truly does all the work for you at your maximum comfort level. It also features a TOI crosshair, so it will point out the hottest part of the image for you! Get a shot through the heart every time! Plus, you can record video and images of when you take down Hogzilla to show your family and friends, over and over! Spice up your dinner party by showing it to them when they’re eating the pork roast! Make all of your hunts legendary with the T14x thermal scope at a low price! You'll be glad you did!

About the T14X Low Priced Thermal Scope

The T14x is a truly fantastic thermal scope for sale on the market today. Its thermal sensors are so accurate, they can pin point heat signature differences as slight as 1/10th of a degree! You will gain more confidence in your shooting with the T14x, because whether you are shooting at 100 or 300 yards, the TOI target tracking will guide your bullets where they need to go. Plus the sturdy metal housing ensures the t14x will be field maintainable and able to withstand consecutive rounds if you happen to be on a tactical mission. Its light, versatile and one of the best priced thermal scopes on the market today.

Watch an Actual Hog Hunt Through the T14x Low Priced Thermal Scope!

Check out sample thermal images of a man using a T14X Thermal Rifle Scope

Infrared image of a man hunting with a T14X thermal rifle scope
Thermal surveillance image of a man with a T14X thermal rifle scope

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