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L3 LWTS Thermal Infrared Rifle Scopes for Hog Hunting

This is the type of clip on thermal scopes the military uses and now it can be yours. This thermal imaging system is directly manufactured based on the AN/PAS-13G(v)1system specifications. You can use it as a standalone scope, mount it with your regular day optics for night vision capability or use it as a high definition hand held thermal imager - it's versatile and totally field maintainable; perfect for any combat or tactical situation.

The unit features a high 640 X 480 resolution thermal sensor and the handy clip on design so you can slap it on any rifle, any time, in any situation. It handles recoil of an AR-15 or M4 like a champ and keeps on going.

The L3 LWTS clip on thermal scopes beat all other scopes when it comes to adverse conditions such as rain, fog, light snow and total pitch black darkness, making it ideal for the avid hog hunter. No nocturnal varmint will be able to hide from this infrared rifle scope like this. Short, medium, or long range targets alike are all easily acquired with this thermal rifle scope system.

Images of L3 LWTS Clip on Thermal Scopes

Infrared image of an LWTS clip on thermal scope
L3 LWTS infrared image of a rifle scope
LWTS clip on hog hunting scope in infrared


Take a look at our field test of the L3 LWTS Infrared Rifle Scope and see for yourself what a military grade thermal system can do, then imagine it doing it on your rifle hunting the hogs decimating your property. Guaranteed, you'll be wanting one for your next mission!

The Compete L3 LWTS Infrared Rifle Scope Kit Includes:

L3 LWTS Infrared Rifle Scope Kit

Call us today for pricing! This infrared rifle scope is truly what the pros use and now it's availabe to the American public! Get yours now!